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The Enemy Withi…



The Enemy Within


 The walls are crumbling…

distant cannons are rumbling,

the silence is screaming in my head,

the streets are deserted, but for the dead.


Why am I here all by myself?

Why have I been left here so bereft?

No one here to fight at my side,

the enemy approaches, nearly inside.


Why did everyone desert their posts?

Their armor here for none but ghosts.

My comrades lie here all alone,

on the streets made of crimson stone.


The stores are all burning, their fires fraught,

with reflections of battles we all fought.

For pride and spoils all was lost,

peace and honor were the cost.


The enemy is here, he’s at the gate,

I’m all alone now to meet my fate.

My captors are storming the great stone walls,

I hear their footsteps and their calls.


Where do I go now, where do I hide,

no mercy is left for me to abide.

The enemy is upon me, I feel the heat,

of their eyes upon me, pure hatred to meet.


My heart beats faster to a flutter,

panic arises, my throat to shutter.

Where once I was strong,

no hope can last long.


The enemy is here, no longer afield,

battlements no longer able to shield,

Where once was strength, no longer can be,

as the enemy is here, and it is in me.




The Thief


The Thief


This life I live seems bleak, and only but a lie,

these potent feeling overwhelm, and will not be denied..

I casually greet people living all around me, or so I make it seem,

but deep inside, my thoughts are raging, and swirling all around..


He came upon me when I was defenseless and so very fragile,

and stole my tender dreams, my control, and all my power.

I tried and tried to fight, and find some hidden weapon,

but in the end, he wore me down..retreat my only option.


I sit here on the edge, looking out and try to see,

The sunlight, mists and moonbeams; their beauty calls to me.

Sometimes I catch a feather, an angel dropped in passing,

I search deep inside my soul, for truths not misbegotten,


Why can’t I be content with life just as it is?

Why does love elude me, along with simple peace?

Sometimes it feels as if there just no more hope,

each day I have to struggle, for another way to cope.


Sometimes I wonder, if my heart will be forever sealed.

I want to soar so very far away, free upon the wind,

but captive I still remain, for he goes wherever I am,

and lives and breathes in the darkest realms of me.


Some days I feel a ray of hope, or glimmer of love held out to me.

Sometimes I grieve for the laughing girl I used to be,

He does not even let me feel, the hope’s caress on whispered breeze,

nor let me hear the words of comfort and grace for surcease.


Why can’t I resist this roller coaster ride of shame?

Why can’t I just say no to this, my own other blackened side?

Sometimes I feel I cannot take the paralyzing pain,

I wonder if I’ll break apart, or even remain sane.


How can I abolish or relieve this dreadful terror?

How in the end, did I lose, all that I held so dear?

These question strike dread so deep within my soul,

I feel so alone, behind these frigid walls of stone.


The battle rages on, although I grow exhausted…

When will this bitter struggle end…

which leaves my heart completely ravaged?


Most days I scream inside, and endure this horrid agony…

in silence, in the dark,

alone and without cease..


In the end I think my death, may be the only way…

 to stop this potent thief…

named Fear.


                 –  Melinda P. Krupa


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